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Back to work

So I decided the problem with IE is a thing on my computer, not necessarily something everyone will encounter. As a result I am getting back to reformatting everything. This will include an update to links as well.

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Easy does it

So I was able to get a few pages updated this morning. Part of the process involves taking out or replacing deprecated tags (i.e. replacing the ‘acronym’ tag with the new ‘abbr’ tag). It also means checking that each external link goes to the right place (or somewhere at all).

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Validation, dammit!

So, I spent a whole bunch of time tonight trying to get my html and CSS to validate at W3C Markup Validation.  Good news is, I got the html to validate using the HTML5 Experimental Conformance Checker.  Bad news is, as this is still not the web standard, some of the stuff can still be changed in the future.  Still worse, I am using css3 elements, which are not recognized by their CSS3 validator.  I like to be sure that my coding is compliant with standards, its just difficult when they are still being established.